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Qi Gong

Qi Gong, translated into English, roughly means moving or working with Qi, the vital force, the vital energy. This can be done with active lightly flowing movements to find peace in the movement, as well as in the so-called silent Qi Gong with meditative exercises in standing position, sitting or lying, to find movement in peace.

In constant interplay

By learning the gentle movements and stretches of Qi Gong, you will receive a powerful tool to release blockages and make the life energy flow more easily. The constant interplay of Yin and Yang, peace and movement, tension and relaxation, supports the natural pulsation of all life energy in the body.The Qi Gong exercises ensure physical well-being and a positive basic mood.

They can be practiced by people of any age and constitution.

Qi Gong - a method for self-exercising

In my lessons I will show you how you can get away from the stress and challenges of everyday life. You will learn to train your own body perception, to feel better your own limits and to experience moments of inner peace and balance more and more easily by practicing. At the end of a course you will have learned the basic principles of Qi Gong, a simple sequence of exercises, techniques of breathing and relaxation as well as techniques and points of self-massage.

A preventive method for stress management & relaxation

My Qi Gong courses are recognized by the Central Testing Laboratory for Prevention (ZPP). The ZPP checks on behalf of the health insurance companies whether a course offer and the qualification of the course provider meet the requirements for recognition as a prevention course.

With this recognition, you, as a participant, can submit the certificate of attendance to your health insurance company after completing the course of ten 75-minute exercise units and receive a subsidy. The amount depends on the health insurance company of which you are a member. Please enquire there.

You can find out which health insurance companies are members of this cooperation and support prevention courses here: www.zentrale-pruefstelle-praevention.de

Offers and prices of Qigong and Shiatsu

Qigong - The 18 movements of Taiji Qigong

10 hours á 75 minutes: 150 Euro
Recognized as a prevention course by the Central Enforcement Panel for Prevention.
The participation fee will be refunded pro rata by the health insurance companies.
The amount of the refund varies. Ask your health insurance company.

When: Thursday evening, 8 p.m.
Where: Now & Here, Auguststrasse 65, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Some Voices from my last workshop

Thanks for the great workshop, I felt totally healthy, fresh and inspired afterwards. I am looking forward to the next one.

Ralf Hiemisch - Fotograf

Thank you for the nice Qi Gong afternoon. I am relaxed, in a good mood, warmed up and driven home. I really liked how calmly and naturally you explained the connections of the elements, organs, body parts and seasons. Now the deeper sense of the movements can accompany me as I execute them. That is somehow even more than having inner pictures. It made me enjoy practicing every day what we learned on Saturday. I do it very slowly, have your words in my ear and notice that it does very well. I'm looking forward to the continuation.

Barbara Blickensdorf - F.M. Alexander-Techink Lehrerin

Many thanks again for this inspiring Qigong Saturday! Your gentle and patient guidance have given me as an absolute beginner the space and the time to get easily acquainted with this technique. Through your empathetic, humorous and relaxed manner, the workshop was a lot of fun and encouraged me to continue practicing.

Ulrike Kretzmer - Coach

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With my Shiatsu treatment I support you to balance body, mind and soul. Shiatsu has a balancing effect on the vegetative nervous system. It is well suited to accompany inner processes and changes on the personal path to more well-being, contentment, inner peace and balance.

Depending on your needs and the state of your body, you can experience Shiatsu as deeply relaxing or even invigorating. It can also be ideal for a break in everyday working life.

Shiatsu - an effective accompaniment in many challenging life situations

For specific health problems and illnesses Shiatsu is an effective support and accompaniment in addition to medical or curative care and therapy.

Shiatsu has proved particularly effective in the treatment of back pain or pain, neck tension and pain of all kinds; joint problems, restlessness, sleep disorders and heart problems. Shiatsu also has a beneficial effect on internal diseases. It supports the immune system and helps to prevent stress. Shiatsu is highly appreciated by people who are faced with special challenges at work and in their families.

Due to its deep, relaxing effect on the psychic areas Shiatsu serves as an effective companion for personal development processes as well as a body-oriented accompaniment to psychotherapies. It promotes the ability to perceive one's own inner and outer space.

Shiatsu does not replace a visit to the doctor.

What does Shiatsu actually mean?

In Japanese, the word shi means finger and atsu means pressure. Shiatsu could be translated as finger pressure massage. However, in addition to the use of the thumb, we also treat with the ball of the hand, feet, elbows and knees. This energy and body massage, developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, combines ancient acupressure techniques with modern western massage and relaxation methods. Shiatsu is based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the teachings of Yin and Yang and the five transformation phases wood-fire-earth-water-metal.

Zen-Shiatsu - the art of the attentive touch

One of the most famous teachers was the Japanese Shizuto Masunaga. He named the method he developed in the 1970s Zen Shiatsu. The prefix Zen emphasizes the meditative character of this treatment. Not so much the acupressure points, but the treatment of the energy pathways, the meridians, is in the foreground. Zen Shiatsu is also called the art of mindful touch.

How Shiatsu works

Through my attentive treatment I reach deep layers in the body. Light movements in the joints, rotations and stretches help to release blockages and to stimulate the flow of energy, to fill the emptiness (Kyo), to disperse the fullness (Jitsu), to dissolve accumulated energy.


- Single treatment (70 minutes), price: 60 Euro.

For social reasons, the price may also be reduced. Talk to me about this!
This treatment takes place in the traditional way on the floor mat.

At the beginning there is a short preliminary talk to get to know the person and their expectations and concerns, duration about 10 minutes; this is followed by the treatment and then a follow-up talk of about five minutes.

The treatment takes place in my practice in Wedding:
Martin-Opitz-Str. 1a, QG, 13357 Berlin, Germany

Home visits are also possible on special request (only for women).
Then there are additional travel costs of 10 Euro.

Shiatsu Mobile

Prices: 15 minutes 15 Euro, 20 minutes 20 Euro. / Minimum number: 5 persons.
On the mobile massage chair, on the couch, in the nursing bed (for patients in need of care)In companies, at trade fairs, at events


All Shiatsu treatments are available as gift vouchers. Write me an e-mail with the name of the person who should receive the voucher and your postal address.

I will then send you a PDF to print yourself or a voucher by mail. You can pay comfortably by bank transfer. The voucher is valid after receipt of payment and can be redeemed within twelve months. Appointments can be made in person or booked online.

Giving is fun.